Our Sample Itinerary

Travelers on the Journey with UrbanTOX

Life doesn’t work on a routine, and as we invite you to come and “do life” with us here in Bangkok, each trip will never look identically the same.

We also believe that some of the adventure in the trip is not fully knowing what will happen before it happens.  However, we know that many of you are interested in getting an idea of what’s going to happen, so we’ve developed a loosely defined itinerary for you here.

We also will spend time every few days to debrief and discuss some of the experiences that we’ve shared together.  Too often enough, we experience great things when we travel, but never get a chance to process some of these things out loud.  As we believe this is key to personal growth, we’ll make time for this throughout the trip.

Day 1 (Wednesday)

You’ll need to arrive sometime on or before the Wednesday that your Experience begins.  We’ll come out to the airport to greet you and depending on the schedule of the others in the group, we’ll either grab a taxi or a van back to your hotel.  For those of you in town, we’ll have an informal dinner so that you can get to know any of the other travelers in the group.

Days 2-5 (Thursday through Sunday)

After a cultural orientation at breakfast, we’ll head out into the city and start exploring the city.  We’ll be meeting with entrepreneurs, NGO workers, artists, business leaders, and many of our friends here in the city.  Other components of the day could include:

  • a morning walk through Lumphini Park to watch the city come to life,
  • a food tour to some of our favorite Thai food locations in the city
  • a trip to an urban treehouse in a part of the city called “The Land That Time Forgot” for a quick getaway from the hustle of the urban environment.

In the evenings, we’ll bring you to some of Bangkok’s great dining locales and for those of you interested, we’ll also check out a few of Bangkok’s hippest new bars for an after-dinner cocktail. Other evening activities could include meeting a local chef here in town for a home-cooked meal in the comfort of their Bangkok loft.

We also build in free time so that you can explore on your own.  We can provide a number of ideas for you if you’re interested, or you can simply head to a new part of town and find your own adventure!

As we believe that life is best seen up close, there will be minimal tour vans or private transportation for these days of the trip.  We’ll be walking, taking public transit, and taxis on occasion.

Day 6-7 (Monday & Tuesday)

We’ll head out early in the morning to conclude the trip with a trip to the beach to decompress and process some of the things that we’ve experienced in the city.  We’ll plan a few things here, but you’ll have some free time to relax with your new friends.  We’ll return to Bangkok that afternoon, and we’ll share a last meal together to complete your Experience!

Day 8 (Wednesday)

After sleeping one last night in Bangkok, you’re free to book flights to other destinations or back home.