Patricia DeWit, Co-Founder

Patricia DeWit, Co-Founder

Patricia is a Canadian who grew up near Toronto, and spent many years in Quebec before coming to Bangkok with her family.

“People love adventure. They are the tourist, the visitor, the Foreigner. UrbanTOX believes that Foreigners in any city can actually become Locals. Even though you speak the language, you never stop being the Foreigner. I can’t be Thai, but I don’t always have to be the visitor. I can be a Local.”

Patricia, along with her husband and five children, has been a Foreigner living in the crowded embrace of Bangkok since 1991. She spent her first two years devoted to learning the Thai language and now speaks fluently.

Patricia says that it wasn’t until she started experiencing life as a Local that a passion for the city caused crazy changes in how she interacted with Bangkok. What exactly does it take to become a local? How long do you have to live in a place until you are no longer the outsider, the visitor, the tourist?

Patricia has recently relocated to Paris where she is currently building the Paris UrbanTOX Experience.