Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How long have you been in business?

We have been running trips like this in Thailand since November 2011 and all of our Urban Specialists have been living in Thailand, either their entire lives, or as expats for a number of years.

Q:Who goes on UrbanTOX Experiences?

Although our tours can be accommodated for people of all ages, we believe that travelers who are over the age of 21 will benefit most from our experiences. As there is not a great deal of traditional sightseeing, much of the value of the trip is in the interactions with the people you have at various points in the trip.

As such, you must be in good physical health and be comfortable walking through a city throughout the day (with breaks, of course!)

Lastly, our guides are currently only conversant in Thai and English, and as such, if you are uncomfortable understanding English, this may not be the right trip for you.

Unfortunately, at this time, we currently cannot accommodate travelers under the age of 18.

Q:Who else will be on my Experience?

Through our application and interview process we try to craft groups that bring people from different walks of life together because we believe in The Medici Effect. The Medici Effect argues that the most groundbreaking ideas are found at the intersections of diverse fields, industries, disciplines, and cultures. The conversations and discussions that you will share with others on your Experience is another component of what we believe makes UrbanTOX special.

Q:What is your maximum group size?

We believe that small groups allow us to stay nimble and move throughout the city more easily. For this reason, we cap our groups at 10 people per Experience. Our minimum is typically 4 people.

Q:What if I’m traveling alone?

Wonderful! About half of our trip participants are individuals traveling alone. We also have people traveling with a friend or their spouse. We get single men as well as single women traveling with UrbanTOX. It is a fun, convenient way to experience a new part of the world.

(Note: Prices are based on double occupancy. If you are traveling alone and specifically request single accommodations, you will be asked to pay the full single supplement. If you wish to share accommodations, we will assign a roommate if one is available. If a roommate cannot be found, you will be asked to pay a reduced single fee, which is one-half of the full single supplement. Please be advised the number of single rooms available on most departures is limited.)

Q:Do you take children on your trips?

At this time, we unfortunately cannot accommodate travelers under the age of 18.

Q:Will I have free time during the week to explore on my own?

Yes, we have built in unplanned time into our schedule so that you can explore on your own as well. Our travelers have generally used that time to do some shopping, get spa treatments, or do some sightseeing of their own. We can provide recommendations for any of those options or help to facilitate activities that you may want to specifically do.

Q:Do you offer private departures for small groups?

Yes! Please send us an email and we’d be happy to discuss a customized trip for you and your group.

Q:What do I need to bring?

Usually all you need to bring are things that you would pack for a normal trip. We will send you a more detailed list in your trip packet, but there shouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary.

Q:What is covered in my trip costs?

We believe in a simple model where all of your land costs are included of the price of your trip. Your lodging costs, in-country transportation, daily excursions, meals, and beverages (to a reasonable amount) are covered.

Q:What’s the food like?

One of the best parts of traveling is the food in another country. We’ll eat in a variety of places, from stalls on the street, to white-tablecloth restaurants, sampling a variety of cuisines.

Q:Do I need vaccinations? What about malaria medicine?

As we’ll be staying mainly within Bangkok’s city limits, there’s no need for specific vaccinations. As there are mosquitoes here in Asia, taking preventative malaria medicine can be done if you so choose.

Q:How do I sign up for a trip?

Reserving a trip is easy! We ask that you complete our quick application form and submit a deposit payment of $200 USD. We will contact you within 48 hours to set up a time for us to chat and to review your application and get acquainted. If you are signing up within 60 days of the trip’s departure, payment in full is required once your application has been approved. However, we recommend that you sign up as early as possible! Our group sizes are small, so they fill up rapidly. Trips frequently sell out months in advance. The trip deposit is fully refundable up until 90 days before departure, so there is no risk in reserving your space early, with a few exceptions.

Our trips require final payment 60 days before departure.

All prices quoted are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change. All payments must be made in U.S. dollars. We accept Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and Discover® bankcards for trip payment.

Our trips fill up well in advance, so we advise signing up as soon as possible. We accept reservations for most trips until 14 days before departure, provided that space is available.

Q:Do I need a travel visa for Thailand?

All U.S. citizens traveling to other countries are required to have a valid passport. Thailand grants a 30-day Visa on Arrival which you will obtain when you pass through Immigration at the airport.

Q:Should I purchase travel insurance?

It is a condition of participating in a UrbanTOX Experience that each traveler holds travel insurance for the duration of the trip. Insurance must include comprehensive medical and emergency evacuation. Your travel insurance details will be checked by your UrbanTOX Guide on arrival at the starting point hotel.  Should you have to cancel your trip because of illness, injury or death of yourself or an immediate family member, this insurance protects all your deposits and payments for both air and land costs.  Click here for links to a number of travel insurance providers that will provide coverage for you.  

Q:When should I arrive and depart into Bangkok?

We expect our travelers to arrive into Bangkok sometime on that first Wednesday. We will not officially get started until Thursday morning, but if you are here that evening, we’ll do an informal group dinner. This allows you to get a good night’s sleep before we set out on Thursday. Our last activities conclude on Tuesday evening, and you are free to depart on late Tuesday night, or any time on Wednesday. Standard checkout from the hotels we use is noon. 

Q:What if I need to cancel my trip?

If you decide to cancel your trip, the following fees apply and are due to UrbanTOX at the time (prior to departure) we receive written notice of your cancellation.

Notification of Cancellation Cancellation Fee
91 or more days $0
61 to 90 days $200
31 to 60 days 50% of trip cost
0 to 30 days 100% of trip cost

No refunds will be made should you voluntarily leave a trip early.

Q:What about transferring trips?

For transfers made 90 days or less before departure, you must pay UrbanTOX the cancellation fees as outlined above. There is no fee for transferring trips up to 90 days prior to departure.

To protect yourself, we recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance (see above).

Q:Do I receive any trip preparation materials?

To help you prepare for your trip, UrbanTOX will send you additional trip-specific information as outlined below:

Trip Confirmation Packet: This includes additional forms including liability release and health forms, pre-departure information, medical bulletins, payment invoice, and other travel hints. This packet is sent on the day after we receive your reservation.

Final Bulletin Packet: This includes last-minute trip information, trip roster, rendezvous instructions, emergency numbers and an UrbanTOX t-shirt. This packet is sent approximately 3 weeks prior to your scheduled departure.

Q:What if there are fewer than the required number of participants?

Each trip requires a minimum number of participants for departure. If we sign up enough participants to run a trip, but unexpected cancellations drop the number of participants below the required minimum, we will run the trip at an additional charge of $300 USD per person. If additional participants join and the required number of participants is re-attained, the surcharge will be refunded.

Q:What if UrbanTOX cancels my trip?

UrbanTOX reserves the right to cancel all or a portion of a trip for force majeure or any other circumstances beyond our control, and, in the event of such cancellation, full or partial refunds, if any, will be at UrbanTOX’s sole discretion. We also reserve the right to cancel any trip if signups are inadequate to make the trip economically feasible for us to operate, and in this event we give a full refund of the trip price. However, UrbanTOX is not responsible for additional expenses incurred by you in preparing for the trip (e.g., non-refundable air tickets, gear or medical expenses).

Q:What about refunds?

UrbanTOX does not give any refunds for unused hotel rooms, meals, sightseeing trips or trek arrangements. Trip price is quoted as a package; credits are not given for services not used.

Q:What about air travel? Do you include airfare in the cost of your trip?

Our prices cover land costs only. Airfare is additional.

We recommend using your preferred carriers when flying to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Airfare Advisory: It is always possible that your flights may be delayed or canceled because of unforeseen circumstances. Please note that most airline tickets are completely nonrefundable and nontransferable. We encourage all of our travelers to include the cost of their airline tickets when purchasing travel insurance.

Q:What if I have a medical condition?

If you have any medical conditions, it’s very important you let us know well before departure so that we can make extra arrangements if necessary.

UrbanTOX is not a medical facility and therefore has no responsibility regarding medical advice, medications or inoculations that you or your doctor deem necessary for your participation. UrbanTOX assumes no liability regarding provision of medical care. By signing the Liability Release, Assumption of Risk Agreement and the Health Form, you agree to pay for emergency evacuation and emergency medical care.

UrbanTOX reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a tour participant should such person’s behavior, health or mental condition impede the operation of the trip.


UrbanTOX may contract with independent contractors to provide transportation, guide services and/or all other related travel services. We assume no responsibility, however caused, for injury, loss or damage to person or property in connection with any service provided by an independent contractor or resulting directly from the following: – acts of God – detention – annoyance – terrorism – thefts – pilferage – force majeure – civil disturbances – government restrictions or regulations – strikes – delays and expenses arising from quarantine – failure of any means of conveyance to arrive or depart as scheduled – discrepancies or change in transit or hotel services over which we have no control.

We reserve the right to make reasonable changes in the itinerary where deemed necessary or advisable for the comfort and well-being of trip members.

By advancing payment to UrbanTOX, the payee thereby agrees to be bound by the above terms and conditions.