UrbanTOX: Bangkok Experience

Off The Beaten Path with UrbanTOX in Bangkok

The Thai people might not describe their city as exotic, but Bangkok’s “inner inner city” is actually one of the most intriguing, exciting places in the world.

Our UrbanTOX Experience includes visits to the “real” Bangkok, far from tourist areas, and gives you unique opportunities to experience its culture and get to know its residents. Your experience in Bangkok includes Urban Grit, Urban Glitter, Bangkok Tox, and The Beach. Urban Specialists guide each experience.  Our Urban Specialists are musicians, chefs, artists, architects, entrepreneurs, designers and engineers as well as a few high-profile expats who have found the soul of the city.

They are mapping the “inner inner city” every day and have had a part in imagining and drawing the city of Bangkok as well as in the telling of its narrative.

Urban Grit

Experience daytime excursions by foot, bike, boat or taxi. Visit hidden back streets and alleys that almost never see a foreigner. A local guide will lead you through his neighborhood and you’ll have plenty of time to learn about family, politics, economy, and worldview and life in the city.

Urban Grit may take you….

  • …to a Thai-owned pub for a lesson in local history
  • …to a neighborhood time forgot to see how people in a modern city still live according to some of the old ways
  • …into a close-knit community of urban squatters
  • …to an authentic floating market
  • …cycling on suspended sidewalks
  • …on a speed-boat taxi with a glimpse of Bangkok’s river homes
  • …on an urban picnic for tastes of some of the best street-side food stalls
  • …into Aunty Pon’s outdoor kitchen to share cooking secrets and a “cafay boh-ran,” an old-fashioned iced coffee.

Urban Glitter

Watch the sun go down and the lights come on and see Bangkok transform before your eyes. Enjoy some VIP treatment and a breath-taking view from one of the city’s elite rooftop restaurants. You’ll get an inside look into the other side of the city, and an Urban Specialist will share perspectives on Bangkok culture.

Urban Glitter may give you…..

  • …an urban sunset at a rooftop bistro
  • …an after-dark cruise to admire the skyline along the Chao Phrayaa River
  • …a visit to a recording studio, art gallery or cultural site
  • …a tour through Bangkok’s hip and happening neighborhoods in Upper Sukhumvit

Bangkok TOX

This is an unconventional tour through one of Bangkok’s many high-energy, noisy night spots. It will emphasize the TOX, or the “City within the City.” An Urban Specialist will provide unique insider glimpses, discussing history, culture and Bangkok’s arrival at this modern context.

The Beach

Our Experience will conclude with some time at the beach in neighboring Koh Samet. As well as relaxing in the sands of the Gulf of Siam, this final part of our Experience will allow time for guided feedback, questions, discussion, and reflection on the personal impact of your UrbanTOX Experience.