What is UrbanTOX?

UrbanTOX offers a new, more authentic way to travel, learn, and see Bangkok, one of Asia’s most bustling cities. We’ve created a week-long experience that will immerse you to all the things that create a rich and vibrant culture:

Fantastic Food, Amazing People, and Unforgettable Stories.

Join us on a urbanTOX one-week adventure in Bangkok that will help you see your life through a new lens and allow yourself to be touched by stories that inspire the human spirit.

“The most memorable pieces of my travels and journeys have been when I’ve had the chance to share meals and stories with locals in the destination I’m visiting. They’ve opened their homes, shared insider secrets about the cities they live in, and taken me to see things I could never find in a book. These are the priceless moments that make the world a smaller place, and ones that I hope you will enjoy sharing with us.”

Mac Ling, UrbanTOX Co-Founder